Linking your recalls to doctors in HotDoc

You now have the option to show a list of doctors when viewing your recalls in the HotDoc Dashboard. This feature is based upon linking the practitioners you have in your practice management system with the HotDoc practitioners you have set up in the Dashboard.

What are the benefits of linking my recalls to doctors?

There are a number of benefits that come with linking your recalls to doctors in HotDoc. It not only allows you to filter your recalls by the doctor they are assigned to, but also helps patients to book their recall appointments with the correct doctor by linking straight through to that doctor’s booking page from the recall.

Filtering by doctor

Once the feature is enabled, you should be able to see a new filter on your recalls activity table which allows you to filter your recalls by the doctor they are assigned to:

Please note that if you are using a shared database you can only filter by the doctors for the clinic that you are currently logged in as. If you wish to filter by doctors from another of your sites, please log out, and then log in with the clinic user for that site.

My doctors aren’t showing up, what can I do to fix it?

The doctors that are shown on the recalls activity table are associated with practitioners that you have set up in HotDoc. If you find that you are missing doctors from the list, the first thing you should do is setup HotDoc practitioners for any doctor that you expect to be showing in the HotDoc recalls dashboard. Please see this article to take you through the steps to add a practitioner.
If you’ve added the HotDoc practitioners and find that there are still a number of doctors missing from your list, it could be that HotDoc just needs a little more information in order to make sure that we link a recall to the correct practitioner. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager and they can assist you with linking up the final few missing doctors. 

A note for Medical Director/Pracsoft clinics with multiple appointment books:

Given that Medical Director does not allow you to specify which appointment book your recalls should be assigned to, it can sometimes be tricky for HotDoc to find the right doctor for the recall. 
However we do have a few tricks up our sleeve and can manually set doctors for recalls based on that doctors user name. If this is something that you are interested in then please reach out to your Customer Success Manager and we can help you out.
If you are interested in this feature, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager!
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