Walk In Practitioner Settings

Walk in practitioner settings allows you to be able to switch a practitioner on or off for walk in appointments booked through the HotDoc Kiosk.

This differs from 'Next Available' settings because it allows the patient to choose which practitioner they want to see specifically. 

The settings for this can be found under the “Check-in > Settings” tab in the Sidebar of the HotDoc Dashboard.

When on the settings page select “Walk Ins” from the sub menu to view this option. 


Turning a Practitioner on for Walk Ins

Selecting a practitioner is as simple as scrolling down to the 'Practitioner Settings' and then selecting the check box next to the practitioner's name. You can then click 'Save' to save the change.



For example, in the image below, Dr Frederick Findacure is the only practitioner enabled for walk ins:

If you have both a 'Next Available' practitioner set and doctors checked in practitioner settings, it will show both options for the patient after they have entered their surname, gender and DOB. 

The patient can then choose whether they would like to see the next available practitioner (regardless of who that is) or whether they would like to specifically wait for another doctor who performs walk ins.

In the image below, Dr Frederick Findacure shows as an option as he has been switched on in the Dashboard settings above:

You can have a practitioner linked to 'Next Available Practitioner' as well as enabled to be selected in the list.

To disable a practitioner from appearing in this list, head back into the settings and un-check the box next to the practitioner's name. This will then remove them as an option to be selected specifically by the patient.

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