Results - FAQs

Will HotDoc send out a communication for each test result?

No, HotDoc will group tests by patient name and the 'performed on' date. This allows us to send the patient one relevant message for all the tests performed on the same date. Further information can be found in the article How do Templates and Sequences work?

Can I use HotDoc Results for Urgent results?

As it stands, we recommend that HotDoc Results should not replace your existing practice of calling the patient about an urgent result. However, HotDoc Results can be used for urgent results as a second measure of contacting the patient after your phone call attempts. This will require additional setup with your Customer Success Manager to determine the correct workflow for your clinic.

To discuss this option further, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Can I use HotDoc Results for Normal Results?

Results can be used for Normal Results but it’s a more manual experience. Because HotDoc is unable to see the full amount of tests ordered for a patient, we're unable to know if all the tests that were ordered have come back. 

 If a clinic wishes to send out communication for Normal results, you must verify with the doctor that all the tests have come back before sending.

The current option for Normal Results in Best Practice is to mark the last result to come through as the action “Reception to advise” to mean “All results are in and notify patient”. For example a patient has three tests ordered. The first two tests come back, the doctor will mark it as “No action”, once the third and final tests comes back, the doctor can mark this as “Reception to advise”. HotDoc will then take this as the cue to send the recall message to the patient.

To discuss this option further, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Can I manually add a result to the Dashboard?

No, as it stands, HotDoc Results only syncs results which have been assigned actions through the Doctor's inbox.

Does HotDoc remove the result from my inbox?

HotDoc Results does not remove the result from the inbox or the patient record. However, we do write back a note to the patient record about any HotDoc actions that have occurred e.g. if we've sent an SMS or if the patient has read their SMS. To see where we place these notes, please refer to the articles we have for Best Practice, Medical Director and Zedmed.

Can I customise the send settings for my Results templates vs Clinical Reminder templates?

At this time, Result sequences send on the same time and days as the settings for Clinical Reminders and vice versa. This is controlled in the 'Settings' tab under 'Recalls' in the HotDoc Dashboard. Further information can be found in the article Changing the time and days your Recalls send on.

How is patient privacy protected with Results?

Patient privacy is protected because we do not share any personal details about the test results in the SMS message. A patient will receive an SMS saying that they have a Result Message and to clinic on a link to view. Once they click on the link, they are taken to a secure verification page where they go through an identity check to ensure that we are showing the result message to the right person. We don’t reveal the name of the test in any of our messages.

Do I still need a staff member monitoring Results?

We recommend that Results is monitored frequently to ensure that patients with “opt out” status, invalid phone numbers, or invalid age are still being contacted via phone or by letter and more importantly ensure patients are booking a follow up appointment. 

Can I use the HotDoc Results feature for only some doctors?

Yes, it is possible but it’s not recommended. To send Recalls for some doctors, you must have doctors linked and showing in the Recalls dashboard and manually send the Result Recalls. You can filter by the specific doctors, batch select patients, then manually start the SMS sequence. You would also need to manually select all the other doctors and mark those recalls as done which will write back to the patient records as such.

To discuss this option further, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Are the contacts attempts updated in the Follow Up Inbox in Best Practice?

No, not at this time. To review any HotDoc contact attempt, go to the patient file, under “Past Visits”, the contact attempts are labeled as a non-visits. The patients with a “Non urgent appointment” will clear from the Best Practice Follow Up Inbox list once the doctor selects the “Mark result as given” button in Best Practice.

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