Why does the Sidebar say 'No PMS'?

If your HotDoc Sidebar has a red light and an error such as 'No Service PMS' or 'No PMS', it could be an indication that HotDoc does not have a connection to the clinic to insert online appointments and sync any changes made to your database.



If HotDoc has no connection to your site, patients may make appointments which are not confirmed immediately. If the site is offline for a very long period of time, Reminders information may be incorrect and new Recalls will not sync through.

If you are offline for a period of time, HotDoc Support will usually move to temporarily disable your online bookings for the duration of the downtime. The site will be automatically re-enabled for online bookings within a short period of HotDoc seeing a connection again.

If you wish to check for any appointments that patients may have made while HotDoc did not have a connection to your clinic, please check the article here for further instruction.

In the meantime, if you are seeing the above error, follow the instructions below to troubleshoot the issue:


1. Refresh the HotDoc Sidebar

You can refresh the HotDoc Sidebar by clicking the 'HotDoc' Logo in the top left corner of the Sidebar:


2. Check if there are any internet or network issues at the site

Internet issues are the most common causes of loss of connection between HotDoc and your site. 

3. Have you made any changes to your Server setup?

HotDoc relies on specific settings about where your server and database is stored in order to integrate and sync data. If there have been any changes or upgrades, and you need to reinstall HotDoc, please follow the instructions located here for your specific practice management system.

4. Have there been any recent changes to Firewall or Security settings?

HotDoc relies on having a clear connection to specific ports and domains to maintain a connection. If you think there may have been some changes to your Firewall or Anti-Virus recently, please make sure the appropriate whitelisting has been done by following the instructions located here for your specific practice management system.

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