Hiding Practitioner Walk In Availability

Walk In Practitioner Settings allows the clinic to have a practitioner enabled for walk ins, but to also block specific times in the practitioner's session from walk in bookings.

The settings for this can be found under the “Check-in > Settings” tab in the Sidebar of the HotDoc Dashboard.

When on the settings page select “Walk Ins” from the sub menu and scroll down to 'Practitioner Settings'.

Set No Walk In Sessions

To hide walk in availability from a patient booking via the Kiosk, click into the 'Set No Walk In Sessions' option next to the name of the practitioner.

From there you will be shown a calendar of upcoming dates. Green sections indicate an active session that HotDoc is syncing from your clinic's practitioner setup. You can then drag the selected times and click 'Hide Selection':




If you wish to change the time, you can do so manually within this window. You can set the selection to be hidden on a recurring basis such as daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. A note can also be left as a reminder of the reason for the block.

To remove the block, click back into the selected time then click 'Remove':


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