What are Push Notifications?

A push notification is a message that appears on a mobile device. However, unlike a traditional incoming SMS it is sent from an app on the device. 

When these notifications are enabled on a patient's device, HotDoc can now utilise this feature to send appointment reminders to existing clinic patients who have booked through HotDoc, even if they don't currently have the app or website open.


This eliminates potential issues with traditional SMS delivery that can be a result of network issues or message filters, and the push notification service comes at no extra cost.

When the patient taps on the push notification, the associated appointment is opened automatically within the HotDoc app for them to either confirm or cancel. You can see this in action below:




(Note: To be eligible for push notifications for bookings not made via the HotDoc app, the patient needs to have already attended an appointment booked with HotDoc at your clinic.)

If the patient doesn't have the HotDoc app installed or push notifications enabled, they will receive their Reminders via SMS as normal.)

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