You can easily upload a .csv file exported from your clinical software so that you can send Broadcast SMSs to multiple patients at once.

When uploading a CSV file, we will sort through the patient record IDs and ensure that:

  • We only send one SMS to one mobile number
  • Any patients who share a mobile number (e.g. Guardian and dependants) will only receive the one SMS Broadcast
  • Any patient without a mobile number will not be sent an SMS (and therefore you will not be charged)

To learn more about exporting a CSV from your clinical software, see these links:

Read the below to learn how to upload a CSV file into the HotDoc Dashboard.

  1. In the Dashboard, navigate to Broadcast > Broadcasts


  2. Select Create New Broadcast

  3. After you've written your Broadcast message, scroll down, click Upload and locate the .csv file on your computer


  4. Please note, the .csv file must have the practice management system ID column included, or it will not process. This should be present by default when exporting the file from your clinical software, and should be labelled as following for each respective practice management system:

    - Best Practice: INTERNALID

    - Medical Director: PATIENT_ID

    - Zedmed: FILE_NUMBER

    Example of export from Best Practice

    Example of export from Medical Director

    Example of export from Zedmed