How to edit a New Patient Registration Form

Once you have successfully created a New Patient Registration Form, you may want to make changes to it after it has gone live.

How to edit a live Form

  1. Log into your HotDoc Dashboard and click on the Forms section to the left of the page. From here you will see the Edit button next to your current, live Form:


  2. Click on Edit to view your Form:


  3. Select the field you would like to edit. In the example below, we are adjusting the details associated with the 'Medical Information' field:


  4. Once you have made your changes, click the green Update Question button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be asked to either Update draft and preview or Save changes.


    Update Draft and Preview 

    This option should be chosen if you'd like to preview the changes you've made to the form before saving. Choosing this option will take you to a draft version of the Form to view. Once you're done previewing and are satisfied with your changes, click Return to Dashboard and then Save Changes:


    Save Changes

    Selecting 'Save Changes' provides the option to either choose Save draft (for editing and previewing again at a later time) or Make live (to set the changes as live and visible to your patients immediately).

    Save Draft

    If you do not want to set the changes you've made live yet (perhaps you may want a second opinion), then select Save draft. By selecting 'Save draft',
     you will be able to save the changes you've made to the form and revisit a draft version of this to edit again, or make live. 

    Once you are happy with the draft, you can make the draft version live by selecting Publish to Live. This will replace the current live form with the updated draft copy.


    Make Live

    If you are happy with your changes, click Make live. You will then be taken back to your Forms page and the changes will be made immediately live on the form for your patients to see:


    Check out the video snippet below to be taken through the editing journey!

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