How do I set up an Urgent Care Appointment type?

If your practice is one of the selected practices participating the GP Urgent Care Pilot, you will need to setup an Urgent Care appointment type to start accepting these types of appointments online.

Configure your 'Urgent Care' Appointments

We've created a new 'Urgent Care' appointment reason for your clinic. You can set it to live once you've completed the below configuration steps:

  1. In Bookings, go to the new 'Urgent Care' appointment type and select 'Edit'.


  2. We recommend configuring the Appointment Type to accept both new and existing patients. You can also add an optional message for your patients to see when making a booking.


  3. Link to PMS appointment type for new and existing patients
    Note: Appointment Type name may vary depending on what you've set it to in your clinical software (PMS).


From here, you will then need to follow the next steps to add the appointment type to each practitioner.

Add the Urgent Care Appointment Type to each Practitioner

  1. In Bookings, select Practitioner Setup
    For each practitioner that will be accepting 'Urgent Care; appointments, click Edit and enable that appointment type by ticking the boxes on the left.


  2. You also have the option to add custom Terms and Conditions.
    Remember: Ensure 'Urgent Care' reason is enabled for both new and existing patients.



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