Sending Broadcasts to one or multiple mobile numbers

You are able to send a Broadcast SMS to one or multiple mobile numbers at the same time.

Firstly navigate to the Broadcast section of the HotDoc Dashboard then select the 'Send SMS to Single or Multiple Mobile Numbers' option:


You will then be able to add a name for your Broadcast. This name is for internal use so you are able to see it in your history.


You can then enter your message and use some of our preset placeholders. These are;

- Clinic name - this is the name of your practice.
- Clinic phone number - this is the phone number set for your practice.
- Doctor booking page - this can be used to set a link to a specific doctor page in HotDoc Bookings.
- Download app page - A link to downloading the HotDoc app.
- Opt out message - this is a recommended addition to your message to ensure patients know how to opt out of these messages.

You are then able to enter in one or multiple mobiles numbers in the "Who are you sending to?" section. To send to multiple patients, simply split each number with a comma. For example; "0411111111, 0422222222".

When you are happy with your Broadcast click "Review" at the bottom of the page.


You can then review the name, message, mobile numbers and estimated cost for your Broadcast. Once happy click "Send SMS" and your Broadcast will start to send

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