Best Practice Premier Indigo SP1 FAQs

If your clinic has recently updated to BP Premier Indigo SP1, or are looking to upgrade, you may have some questions about how to handle patient consent. Please find some frequently asked questions below which should assist you with any queries that you may have.


How does upgrading to Best Practice Premier Indigo SP1 affect my usage of HotDoc?

If you are using HotDoc to send SMS Reminders and Recalls, you can continue to send SMS reminders and recalls to your patients. However, Best Practice SP1 may prevent HotDoc from seeing some changes to patient SMS consent settings.

In other words, if a patient opts-out of an SMS through Best Practice, you will not see this update within HotDoc as the previous connection has now been stopped with this update.

As HotDoc is a patient engagement platform, it should be the main solution to communicate with patients. In light of this recent update from Best Practice, we strongly recommend solely using HotDoc now to communicate with patients and manage their consent.

Are there any other patient data fields impacted by this change?

HotDoc will continue to write back all other patient data to Best Practice when making a booking or processing a New Patient Registration form. However, ‘patient mobile numbers’ updated within HotDoc will now need manual confirmation in Best Practice.

Will my patients still receive SMS reminders and recalls if I upgrade to Best Practice SP1?

Yes. Your patient consent settings will remain in HotDoc, and we will continue to send these important messages even after you upgrade.

Will I need to get new SMS consent from patients who we have already received consent from?

No. HotDoc has kept a record of your patient consent settings and will continue to send SMS’ according to your patients’ preferences.

How do I manage my patients’ SMS consent with HotDoc?

Your patients can opt out from Appointment Reminder SMS at any time by replying STOP to the SMS using HotDoc. If you have an existing or new patient that you would like to opt-out yourself, you can do this in HotDoc by simply clicking on the patient’s name in your HotDoc dashboard patient search and ticking the box for their SMS preferences.

We believe this is faster and simpler than the new Best Practice patient portal process and also allows your patients to manage it themselves. It also doesn’t require any extra work, as HotDoc will have a copy of all patient consent preferences prior to the update.

How do I set SMS consent for new patients?

If you are adding a new patient directly into Best Practice or using a paper registration form, you will need to follow the process above to set the patient’s SMS consent settings in HotDoc. You can do this from within the HotDoc Dashboard under Patient Search.


Can I still send SMS clinical recalls if a patient doesn’t want SMS appointment reminders?

Yes, if the patient wants these to be sent via SMS. HotDoc SMS consent allows your patients to set individual settings for:

      1. Appointment reminders
      2. Clinical recalls and results
      3. Health information, such as flu season broadcast messages

Can I use the SMS consent settings in Best Practice instead of HotDoc?

If you would like, you can keep your patient consent settings up-to-date in Best Practice. Just remember that if the change isn’t made in HotDoc as well, a patient who has opted out will continue to receive SMS messages, and a patient who has opted in will not receive SMS messages. This is why we don’t recommend this method.

I want to continue to use Best Practice and HotDoc to send SMS messages. 

If you would like to continue to use both providers to send SMS messages to patients (for example: Sending appointment reminders through HotDoc and Recalls through Best Practice), you can continue to do so; however, if a patient opts-out of any messages, you will need to manually update this information in both Best Practice and also HotDoc to ensure you’re compliant with your patients consent preferences across both software.

This is why we are recommending using HotDoc solely to manage all of your patient communications and consent. If you need help transitioning from using Best Practice to HotDoc for certain message types (like now sending Recalls through HotDoc), please contact your customer success manager for free training and help.

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