How do I manage online bookings while offline?

If your site has lost connection to HotDoc, there may be a number of patients who have attempted to make a booking which HotDoc has been unable to process during this time.

If you need to check if there are any patients who are waiting for a confirmation of their appointment, log into your HotDoc Dashboard using this link here.

Click into 'Bookings' then 'Booking History' to view your appointments booked in chronological order, with most recent bookings at the top. Any booking with the status 'Pending' is an indication of an appointment that HotDoc has not been able to automatically confirm:


Hovering over the name of the patient will provide the mobile number associated with the booking:


You can then contact the patient directly via this number to assist them with manually entering a booking into the clinic's appointment book while the site is unable to connect to HotDoc. It can be helpful to explain to the patient that their HotDoc booking may be dismissed once the clinic is connected to HotDoc again, however, they will still have the manual booking that was created over the phone. 

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