Introducing: Place in Queue



What is Place in Queue?

After much consideration, we have decided to build place in queue, a feature for your Bookings, which will work to reduce the frustration patients feel when not knowing how long their wait time is for their appointment. 

Currently there are two ways a patient can see their place in queue. The first is by booking an appointment through a HotDoc platform. This includes the HotDoc app, the HotDoc website and the HotDoc booking widget, displayed on clinic websites. When a patient books this way, they can see their place in queue on all the mentioned devices immediately after checking in, regardless of whether they check-in at the front desk or via a HotDoc Check-In Kiosk.

Patients who book through other platforms can also see their place in queue, however, they will need to check-in using a HotDoc Kiosk. In this instance, their place in queue will be displayed on the kiosk screen itself.

In future, we plan on being able to show place in queue to all patients, regardless of where they originally booked or how they decide to check in, but this feature will take a little time to build.

How to turn off Place In Queue

Place in queue was turned on for all clinics on the 13th of December. If you do not wish to have the place in queue function enabled for your clinic at this time, you are easily able to disable it in your HotDoc Dashboard.

To do this, log in to your Dashboard, click into your Bookings > Settings. Here, scroll down to the section 'Place in Queue'. Here, tick the box to either enable or disable the feature and click save!

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