How to set up HotDoc Repeat Referrals

  1. Log in to your HotDoc Dashboard and Navigate to Repeats > Setup

  2. Scroll down to the Referral Pricing section. You can then select the tick box to activate Referrals.

  3. Enter the different payment amounts you'd like to charge the patient for their referral. 
    Please note: On the right-hand side, you are shown an Example revenue breakdown.


  4. You can then view and customise the disclaimer the patient must read and agree to before submitting their request.

  5. If you would like to view your Repeats page you can do this by clicking the link. 


  6. Ensure you click 'update details' once you have finalised your set up page.

  7. If you need assistance setting up your Pin Payment method, click here


If you help setting up Repeats, click here

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