How to set up HotDoc Repeats

  1. Log in to your HotDoc Dashboard and Navigate to Repeats > Setup

  2. The 'Clinic Name field' is pre-populated with the name that displays on your HotDoc account. The 'Practice contact person' and notification email address options will be used as the best point of contact at the Clinic, for example, the Practice Manager or Reception Team Leader. 



  3. Select the tick box for each Repeat request type you wish to offer at the clinic. Then enter the different payment amounts you'd like to charge the patient for each delivery method for repeat prescriptions. 
    Please note: On the right-hand side, you are shown an Example revenue breakdown. 

  4. You can then view and customise the disclaimer the patient must read and agree to before submitting their repeat request.


  5. If you choose to offer 'Fax to pharmacy', you can now nominate your preferred pharmacies. Please note, you can add as many Pharmacies as you like.


  6. If you require further information and assistance with activating Referrals, click here

  7. For assistance setting up your Pin payment method, click here


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