Why didn't the patient receive a Push Notification?

If a patient didn't receive a Push Notification to remind them of their upcoming appointment, it could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • The patient doesn't have the HotDoc app installed on their mobile device, or they have not enabled Push Notifications in their device's settings. In this case they will receive their Reminders via SMS as normal.

  • It is too late in the day. We will only send a Reminder via a Push Notification if it's before 8pm. The reason for this is that as we send the fallback SMS Reminder 2 hours later, we don't want this to be sent too late in the evening.

  • The patient has made their booking directly through the clinic rather than via HotDoc, and they have not yet attended any appointments booked with HotDoc at your clinic. Please note: they will need to have done this in order for their HotDoc account to be linked to their patient file, which will in turn allow Push Notifications to be sent for their appointments. 
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