Patient Matching in the Sidebar

An important function of the sidebar is to help you match the patient requesting an appointment via HotDoc to the right patient record in your database. Normally, HotDoc will try to do this automatically if your practice has configured it that way, but sometimes it can't, and will present some options for you. 

Previously, when we couldn't find an exact match for the patient in your practice database, it was difficult if a patient had a common name or different spelling. The lists were in no particular order and could get quite long. Now, all possible matches are in one list, with the most likely ones at the top.

Prior to this change, suggestions would appear in the sidebar like this:

There were 2 lists, the first one showed 2 possible patient records with matching last name and first initial. The second list showed other patients with the same date of birth. In this example, the most likely match is the second one in the list - the requesting patient probably entered their date of birth wrong on HotDoc, as it is different by 1 day.

Here is the same example in the updated sidebar:


Now, your sidebar shows all possible matches in one list. They are ranked based on similarity. In the example above, the probable match is at the top, because the sidebar calculated that the date of birth was just 1 day different. The match buttons also show which details match, with a tick if what was entered on HotDoc matches the patient record.

In the case that there is a long list of possible matching patients, the sidebar will show the top 6 matches, with a button to expand the list to show up to 40 possible matches in the event that the correct match is not in the most similar patient records at the top of the list.

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