What happens if the patient replies to a Reminder message?

When configuring the text of a Reminder message, you can give the patient the option to reply "yes"/"no", "confirm"/"cancel", etc. to the message. This means that the appointment can be confirmed or cancelled without the patient needing to contact the clinic directly. 

Screen_Shot_2018-10-23_at_11.00.26_am.png    Screen_Shot_2018-10-23_at_11.01.24_am.png

If the patient replies in the affirmative ("yes", "y", "confirm", etc.), this will be written back to the appointment book to show that the appointment has been confirmed. If the patient replies in the negative ("no", "n", "cancel", etc.), this will either immediately remove the appointment from the book or send the request to your Sidebar for your team to action, depending on your clinic's automatic cancellation settings.

If the patient's response cannot be automatically interpreted (e.g. "I am feeling better now and will no longer need an appointment"), it will be sent to your clinic's nominated email address to be reviewed and actioned.

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