Walk Ins Settings in the Sidebar

Some HotDoc Walk Ins settings are also easily accessible from the Sidebar. This allows Reception to control walk in availability for the clinic during the day even if they don't have access to the HotDoc Dashboard.

General Availability

To access these settings, click the 'MENU' button in the HotDoc Sidebar, then click into 'Walk-Ins Settings':




From here, you can activate or deactivate walk ins, or do the same for the 'Next Available Practitioner' settings.

The Sidebar can only toggle these settings on or off. To allocate a practitioner to these 'Next Available Settings', you will need to log into the Dashboard and follow the instructions here.

All Practitioners

These settings are to manage individual practitioners and their availability. Each practitioner setting is colour coded depending on their current availability:

  • Green means the practitioner is currently available for walk in bookings made via the Kiosk.
  • Orange means the practitioner is currently unavailable for walk in bookings via the kiosk because they have been manually set this way via the HotDoc Sidebar
  • Grey means the practitioner is not currently scheduled to be available.

A practitioner can have 1 of 3 availability statuses:

  • Scheduled - the practitioner's availability depends on their schedule
  • Manually on - the practitioner's availability was overridden to 'Available until tomorrow' via the HotDoc Sidebar. This will make the practitioner available for walk ins until the next day.
  • Manually off - the practitioner's availability was overridden to 'Unavailable until reverted' via the HotDoc Sidebar. This means the practitioner will not be available for walk ins until they have been reverted back in the same way.


The image to the right shows these statuses in action.

  • Dr Frederick Findacure was initially green indicating he is available for walk in bookings. To change his status, the user clicks 'Manage' and makes him unavailable. This changes his status to orange and switches him manually off for walk in bookings via the Kiosk.
  • Dr Ivor Cure was initially grey due to either no active sessions being setup in the clinic's software for him, or by hiding his availability through the walk in settings in the HotDoc Dashboard. To override this, the user clicks 'Manage' then makes him available for walk ins until tomorrow. His status then turns to green, switching him manually on.

  • Nadine Nurse was initially manually off, as indicated by her orange status. The user then can override this by clicking 'Manage' then reverting Nadine's schedule back to whatever has been set in the clinic's software. This changes Nadine's status to green, switching her to scheduled again. 


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