New Patient Registration - FAQs

What is HotDoc New Patient Registration?
New Patient Registration is a secure digital form for medical centres to help both the patients and the reception team save time on manual data entry when new patients attend their clinic.


What are the main benefits?
It ensures information required by doctor a in an initial consult is filled out before the patient arrives at the clinic. This means the doctors aren’t kept waiting while patients fill out information at the last minute! It also prevents mistakes often made by human error incorrectly copying handwritten patient information over. It’s digital so it removes need for paper and provides an added layer of security. It makes the whole process much easier for both the patient and reception teams.


Why did HotDoc build this service?
Because doctors hate being kept waiting.


How does it work?
Patients access a secure HTML link either via a tablet provided by the reception team or directly from their smartphone app. It’s automatically included in the confirmation email for any new patient appointments made online, and in the Reminder message for any new patient appointments showing in the appointment book, regardless of how they been made. 


Is it secure?
Yes, all information HotDoc services interact with is immediately de-identified and encrypted. All information is inputted via HTTPS webpages. 


Does this create a new patient file in my PMS?
Yes. The normal contact fields like name, address, phone numbers and Medicare information is all entered and updated automatically. Any additional customisations you wish to have outside of this will initially require you to copy and paste the information in. 


What happens if the patient is already an existing patient of the practice?
HotDoc will identify this for you automatically and show the existing patient file match in the Sidebar for you to update with any new information.


Can I choose what fields to collect and in what order?
Yes. Your digital New Patient Registration form is entirely customisable by you. Clinics will often copy the format of their existing paper-based new patient registration forms. Most demographic fields can currently write back to the clinic's records automatically.


Does all the data writeback into the new patient file automatically?
Yes. Clinics that use Pro Inform will get a free customised template that one of our Customer Success team can help design and implement.


What are the 4 statuses of a New Patient Registration form and what does each one mean?

This is colour coded as red and means the submission was submitted by the patient and is waiting to be processed.

This is colour coded as yellow and means HotDoc is automatically adding the fields that we can into the practice management system.

This is colour coded as green and means HotDoc has added all of the fields it can into the practice management system.

Complete submissions will not appear in the sidebar. This means that the submission has been manually entered into patient’s file and can be removed from the list.


Does HotDoc keep a record of all this patient registration information as well?
Only for 30 days, than all information input is permanently deleted from our servers.


When does the information move from the Sidebar into my PMS?
At the point when you hit 'complete'. 


Can the reception team see the confidential clinical information as well? Are there separate forms for this information?
Yes. This means if the clinic has a problem with their reception team seeing this type of information, they’ll need to restrict it to just normal admin/contact information that doesn’t relate to the patients health. Clinics will often have this information collected on separate forms.


Are you going to make the form writeback more fields?
Yes, our development team are releasing new fields every month. We expect within 3 months we’ll have everything your clinic could want in there.

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