New Patient Registration workflow

The video below outlines 

☑️ How your patients access and complete registration
☑️ What your form looks like
☑️ Reception workflows
☑️ Forms and your practice management software

New Patient Registration Form Training from HotDoc on Vimeo.

To access New Patient Registration:

Patient’s submissions can be accessed from the Sidebar. Click on "MENU" then select "New Patient Registration" from the list.




Form Submissions:

The form submissions appear in the order in which they were submitted, with the most recent at the top.


Submissions can be filtered by patient name using the search bar at the top of the Sidebar. The search works for both first and last names.

Submissions can be in the following 4 statuses:

This is colour coded as red and means the submission was submitted by the patient and is waiting to be processed.

This is colour coded as yellow and means HotDoc is automatically adding the fields that we can into the practice management system.

This is colour coded as green and means HotDoc has added all of the fields it can into the practice management system.

Complete submissions will not appear in the sidebar. This means that the submission has been manually entered into patient’s file and can be removed from the list.

Processing Submissions:

If HotDoc can make a patient link, we will automatically process the submission when we receive it. This means we will automatically update the patient record with the fields we are able to update.

The submission will still appear in your sidebar and will be Added (green). At this stage you will need to click "Copy Manual Fields" and copy the fields which HotDoc could not automatically put into the patient file.



To View a Form Submission​:

Click the "View" button on the submission. This will open the submission in a new window and show all of the details of the submission.


On the submission details, we mark the fields that HotDoc is unable to add to the practice management system in blue. There is a copy button next to each of these fields so the value can be copied and pasted straight into the practice management system.

When you have copied the fields, you can then download a copy of the submission in PDF format and upload it to the patient file.

When you are done click "Complete" and the submission will be cleared from your sidebar.

If HotDoc cannot make a patient match:

1. Click the "Add to practice management system" button. If the submission isn’t linked to a patient, HotDoc will try to find matching patients in your practice management system.


If the patient is one of these matches, select the patient, otherwise select "Create new patient".

2. Once an option is chosen click "Continue" and a final informational box will appear.


This includes the information on how many fields HotDoc is able to automatically add to the patient file and gives instructions on what to do next. To continue and add the fields into the patient file click "Done".

3. This will change the status of the submission from "Submitted" to "Adding", at which point HotDoc will add the fields into a patient file. Once this has been done, HotDoc will change the submission to "Added".

4. Once HotDoc has added relevant fields to a new or existing patient file in your patient management system the remaining fields will need to be manually added, following the steps above.



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