Setting up Clinical Reminders


Thanks for choosing HotDoc's innovative Recalls!

If you have a scheduled Activation/Go-Live session with one of our Customer Onboarding Team, it's critical the steps below are done before the session to get the most out your allocated time.

You should plan to start sending messages on your Activation/Go-Live Day, so please also ensure Reception are up to speed - here's the key information for your Reception Team


  1. Log in to your HotDoc Dashboard

  2. Navigate to Recalls > Settings

Please review:

  • What time of day Recall messages are sent.
  • Days of the week Recall messages are sent.
  • Restriction on sending messages where the patient is a teenager (privacy protection in case the parent's mobile is in the record).
  • Restriction on sending mobile messages to patients over a certain age.
  • Respecting the opt in status or not. If you believe your patient database is not up to date (or that updating sms opt in is 'a work in progress') you may decide to not respect the flag. Patients can still opt themselves out.




3. Now it's time to prepare your Templates! 

In the navigation menu, click on 'Template Groups'.

  • You'll see a list of pre-populated Templates for you to use.
  • These can each be edited (or deleted if you don't want it at all!). 



When you click 'Edit Template', you'll see the below:


Here you can:

  • Edit the Template Name
  • Decide how patients are reminded:
    • Each template is defaulted to remind patients via 2 messages 7 days apart, followed by a letter, however there are many preventative health recalls/reminders that won't need a letter. You can choose an option from the drop down list that most matches your practice preferences:


  • Adjust the message (this message is essentially what would have been in your letters before using HotDoc).
  • Decide if patients can book online for that Recall type (not applicable unless you utilise HotDoc's Online Booking Service).
  • Decide if you want the first mobile message to delay until the due date (important for recalls such as care plan reviews, so patients don't come in too soon).
  • See the patient preview on the right hand side.


4. Lastly, if you need more Templates than HotDoc starts you off with, you can create your own from scratch - just click 'New Template'.




That's it! 

During your Activation/Go-Live session with your Customer Onboarding Manager, you will review the above, and start assigning Recall Reasons to your Templates and sending SMN. 


 *Please note: assigning reasons to the template will ACTIVATE that template. Once a template is activated HotDoc will begin sending Recalls for those patients. 

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