What does each recall status mean?


All 'To action' Recalls will need to have some form of action taken before they can progress and start/ continue sending to the patient.


To action - New reminder type: This recall has been pulled into the clinic's dashboard and is 'new', this will either need to be assigned to an exisiting Recall Template or you will need to create a new Recall Template. For a guide on how to do this please click here.


To action - Patient invalid age: This patient is outside of your chosen age range for recalls. You will need to either 'remind the patient by post' or 'mark as done' and contact the patient directly via phone. Alternatively, to change these settings please go to Recalls> Settings in your dashboard.


To action - Invalid phone number: The phone number on the patient's file is either incomplete or may not be a mobile number. You will either need to update the mobile number on the patient's file or choose to 'remind the patient by post'.


To action - Patient opted out:  This patient has chosen to opt out of SMS communication. This may be selected in your Practice Management System or the patient may have manually opted out via HotDoc. You will need to either 'remind the patient by post' or 'mark as done' and contact the patient directly via phone. Alternatively you can edit their opt out status by clicking on the patient's name.



In progress: This will show all Recalls currently in progress (do not require any action).


Done: This refers to all Recalls that are 'Done' (no further action will be taken by HotDoc) 


Done - Patient Read Reminder: The patient has received their SMS, opened the link and verified their details (entered their DOB and last name). This patient has seen their reminder message.


Done - Marked as done:  The Recall has either been manually marked as done on the dashboard by a member of staff, or the recall is assigned to a sequence that will automatically mark it as 'done'.


Done -Letter Downloaded and sent:  The recall letter has been generated and printed to be sent to the patient. (Please note, you will need to ensure the letter has been printed, once generated) 


Done - Resolved in clinical software: The Recall has been removed/ completed/ had the due date changed within your Clinical Software.


Done - Out of date: The reminder was never assigned to a template, and as a result, was not actioned, and is now older than 4 weeks. These patients should be followed up directly if it’s still clinically significant that they attend for an appointment. If you wish to start the recall again, please click 'start again'.

 Click here to see more information on how to filter Recalls

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