How to reconcile payments for Repeats


To reconcile payments for your repeats, firstly, please generate a detailed report through the HotDoc Dashboard. 


1. Open the clinic's Dashboard

2. Click on 'Repeats'  Repeats_1.png

3. Click 'Reports' repeats_2_.png

4. Select your required date range, by selecting the start date and end date on the calendar.



5. Download the detailed report by selecting the green 'download' button.



 To generate the payments list from Stripe: 

Please follow the below steps: 

1. Visit their Stripe dashboard through '' and login.

2. Click 'payments'

3. Select export in the top right of the table in the payments page. 

Please note, if you are having trouble with this, please contact Stripe Support.


To reconcile your payments, match the id on the HotDoc detailed report (shown below).


 To the Payment ID on the Stripe payments report (shown below). 


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