How can I see which patients cancelled their appointment?

By default, patients have the ability to cancel their appointments through the Reminders system. When this occurs, you may want to see which patients have communicated that they will not attend their appointment, especially if your clinic has a cancellation fee or wishes to rebook the patient. 

To check which patients have cancelled, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Reminders > History

  2. In the Reminders History section of the page, you can see all historical events, including which patient have cancelled and when.

  3. To see only cancellations, click the Status dropdown menu next to Filter By and tick Cancelled.


  4. You can also choose to filter by date range, practitioner and appointment type.

  5. If your clinic wishes to have patients call the clinic for any cancellations or within a certain timeframe of the appointment, HotDoc can arrange this for each doctor.
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