Step 3: Creating Your SMS Message

Once you've chosen your doctors, you can now build the custom message patients will receive from your practice reminding them of their upcoming appointment.

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Reminders > Settings

2. On the page, find the SMS Message section

3. If you are happy with the default message, please advance to the next step. If you wish to change the text of the message, please bear in mind the following rules.

    • The message must contain the placeholders for {{time}} and {{link}}. These are highlighted in green in the message. You may remove or replace the other placeholders.
    • Your message estimate should remain below 160 characters. If your character total is larger than 160 characters, you may use two credits for each appointment reminder sent.

4. To insert additional placeholders, scroll over Insert Placeholder and select the placeholder you wish to add. This will merge the placeholder information from the appointment record.

5. Once finished, scroll to the bottom of the page to review your updates and click Save all settings. If you have not made any changes, there is no need to save.

7. Congrats! You have finished editing your SMS message for Reminders. Proceed to Step 4 to Activate Your Reminders.

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