Why have the age limits changed for Recalls?

On 10 March 2016, the age limits for Recalls have changed. The changes mean that you will be able to send secure mobile notifications for patients aged 0 to 10, and over 18. Previously, you could send secure mobile notifications for patients aged 0 to 5 and over 18.

We have increased this lower age limit to 10 on request from patients to be able to receive Recalls about vaccinations or other similar appointment reasons for their children.

For example, now that the National Immunisation Program Schedule includes incentives for practitioners who provide catch-up vaccinations to children up to age 7, parents will be able to receive secure mobile notifications via Recalls rather than a letter when their children are due to be immunised. 

Previously, these patients aged 6 to 10 would be listed as having an 'invalid age' in the HotDoc dashboard. Now, you will be able to link up a Recall template to the recall reason listed in the PMS, and send a secure mobile notification if you wish.

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