Recalls - Tips for Reception


What a patient sees when they receive a Recall:

An SMS containing a unique link is sent to the patient's mobile.

The patient presses the link, taking them to the identity verification page. Once the patient correctly enters their surname and DOB, the nature of the recall will be revealed, with the information you have created in your template. They can then book online if you have this setting in place. 




If a patient phones and they haven't clicked the link, encourage them to do the steps above. This will help educate your patients, so next time they receive a Recall they will know what to do!


However, not all patients will choose to follow the link in the sms.

They might not have a smart phone, may not have mobile data, or may simply prefer to ring directly from the sms.

You will also receive more calls if Online Bookings are not used.


If a patient calls, and they can't be encouraged to follow the link:

1. Open the HotDoc Dashboard, and click on 'Recalls' > 'Activity' > All

2. Search for patient surname in top right search tool


3. Once patient located, click on patient to open the Recall history.

4. Type in Comment box, for example "Patient called advised what the recall is for, and booked appt with Dr xxx [date], [initials]. This comment needs to be entered manually in the patient's clinical record if you want it to be entered there also.


5. Click 'Comment'.   



6. If you wish to stop the patient from receiving any further communication (either via sms or letter), click 'Mark as Done'. 



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