Create New Templates and Activate

To allocate or create templates, simply click on a patient who is flagged ‘To action’ for a ‘New reminder type’


  • A dialogue box will appear requesting to set up a template for this reminder. Click on ‘Get Started’ 



  • HotDoc comes pre-loaded with sample templates for common recall and reminder reasons. You may customise these to suit your practice. Once customised, your new template will be available under ‘Your templates’  


You may include additional information to educate your patients or even particular instructions for the type of appointment needed.



Select whether this type of reminder is to be sent only from the date it is due and not 2 weeks before. This prevents Medicare item rejections for service like care plans or reviews of management plans being claimed before the correct time frame.

Once you are happy with the template click 'Continue', then click 'Activate'.

All Recalls of this type will now be automatically handled this way.


I'm finished creating and activating all my templates, now what? Daily Checks and Actions


If you require assistance with this, please contact HotDoc:  

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