How do I print a letter in HotDoc?


  1. Log in to your HotDoc Dashboard

  2. Navigate to Recalls > Activity and select 'To Post' 

  3. You can then either choose to generate all Recall letters by selecting the 'Download all letters' button in the top right corner of the screen:


    Alternatively, if you wish to only print one Recall:

    1. Select the name of the patient's Recall you wish to print

    2. Select 'Download letter'

    3. Select generate on 'Download just this letter'

    4. Select 'Download'



Scenarios for which this may be necessary:

  • The Recall template/type always defaults to 'letter' based on how the template has been set up.

  • The patient is in one of the 3 'To Action' states (invalid mobile, underage, opted out).

  • The patient did not respond to the SMS.

  • The scheduled SMS was overridden for an individual patient, and 'Remind by post' was selected instead.


Please refer to step 3 in the Daily Checks Instructions

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