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Track the status of your recalls, using the 'All' screen (Optional)


 In this screen you can use the filters (arrow to the right of 'All' button) to monitor recalls at different stages.

We recommend you click on the filters button (downward arrow next to the ‘All’ button) and select only options from ‘In progress’ and below:




Meaning of different status

In progress: these are patients who are currently going through their SMS cycle. You can click on them to view details of how many attempts have taken place so far

Patient read reminder: this lets us know the patient has verified their details and has seen the recall reason.

Marked as done: this is a recall that has been manually marked as done in HotDoc. This does not mark the recall as done in the patient's clinical record.

Letter downloaded and sent: this signals patients who were reminded by post.

Resolved in clinical software: this means the recall has been marked as done or deleted from within the patient's clinical record. This means the recall has been completed in the patient file, and usually means this patient was seen or attended to for this reason.

Out of date: this means the reminder was never assigned to a template, and as a result, was not actioned, and is now older than 4 weeks. These patients should be followed up directly if it’s still clinically significant that they attend for an appointment.

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