How to hide a session

There may be certain sessions or appointments throughout the day that you wish to be available to book either by phone or by walk-in, but not to be booked online (e.g. Saturdays).

To block these from being booked online, use the ‘Hide Sessions’ feature.

1. In the Dashboard, go into the left hand menu and click: Bookings > Hide Sessions.

2. Select the relevant doctor from the drop down list:



3. Click and drag to select the amount of time you want to block, then click ‘Hide Selection’.

4. You are then able to choose how frequently you want this block to repeat (daily, weekly etc.) and for how long you want it to repeat (forever or until a specified date):



5. Click ‘Save’.

The display on the Hide sessions page has now been updated, it will now displays both the times that have been hidden (red) and the Doctor's sessions that are set in the Practice Management System (green):



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