How to setup your Doctor profiles

HotDoc bookings allow you to customise the doctor profiles that your patient can book with. To update/edit your doctor profiles follow these steps:


1) Log in to your Practice Manager Dashboard 

2) Click on Bookings at the to left.

3) Click on "Doctors".

4) Click on the doctors name

This will open the doctors profile.  From here you can add a Doctor image, Professional statement, Special interests and customise their appointments.


 5) You can add a 'message' that will display as a read and consent message when the patient requests a booking. This could include any information for example, regarding billing. The message the patient will see will display like below and they will be required to select the 'I have read and agree' prior to moving forward in the booking request process: 


If you require assistance with this, please contact HotDoc:





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