How to archive / unarchive a practitioner

If a practitioner leaves your clinic, you are able to archive their HotDoc profile. Archiving a practitioner effectively removes their profile from your list of of practitioners in your Dashboard.

To archive a practitioner: 

1. Login to your Dashboard

2. In the left hand menu, click into Bookings > Practitioner Setup

3. Choose the relevant practitioners name > click 'Edit' 

4. Scroll down the page until you see 'Archive Practitioner' 

5. Here you are able to archive your practitioner, please note that you may not be able to archive your practitioner at first, if they are still active on your Bookings or Reminder products. You will need to make sure these products are turned on before you can proceed with your archiving. 

Once archived, if you would like to see your practitioners archived profile, simply scroll down your practitioner setup page > view archived practitioners. It is here that you are able to unarchive a practitioner (so that they return to your list of active practitioners who can be enabled for online bookings and reminders). 

To unarchive a practitioner:

1. Click 'view archived practitioners' on the bottom right hand page of your practitioner setup.

2. Choose the relevant practitioner and click 'Edit'

3. Scroll down the practitioners profile to the green button 'Restore'

4. Once selected, this will place your archived practitioner back into your list of active practitioners.

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