How to add a patient alert

If you would like to prevent a patient from being able to book online, you can add an alert for them. Common reasons to flag a patient would be if they have failed to attend multiple appointments, have a bad debt with the clinic, or perhaps they regularly book inappropriate appointment types.

Adding a patient alert overrides your clinic's automatic settings for a particular patient, allowing only manual confirmation or cancellation.

When the patient submits their booking request, they will simply see the appointment as pending until action is taken by the clinic. Please note that any text that is entered into the alert will only be displayed in the Sidebar and will not be visible to the patient.

To add a patient alert follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the HotDoc Dashboard at using your HotDoc login.

  2. Click on the Bookings icon on the left of the screen:


  3. Click on the Patient Alerts icon:


  4. Click on the Add Alert button:


  5. Enter the patient's surname, DOB and the alert message that reception will read.

  6. Click on ‘Save Changes’:

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