Treat as a New Patient

Each time an existing patient makes an online booking, HotDoc matches them with their existing file in your clinic's database. This match is made using a combination of the patient's surname and date of birth. 

However, every so often HotDoc is unable to make an exact match. This will be due to one of the  following reasons:

  • The patient has provided incorrect information to HotDoc
  • Information in the practice database is incorrect 
  • The patient is actually a new patient but has not marked themselves as such

In the event that HotDoc is unable to make an exact match, it will attempt to make a partial match through date of birth or surname, but not both. If the patient has provided incorrect information, you will likely see a partial match in your Sidebar and you can manually link the booking to the relevant patient file.

If the patient is new to the clinic you will see a notification in the HotDoc Sidebar that looks like this:

Instead of having to dismiss the booking due to no match, you can now treat the booking as a new patient and create a patient file for them.

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