How to use the HotDoc Sidebar

What to do when exact match not found

Each time an existing patient makes a booking, HotDoc matches that patient with his/her existing  file in the database. This match is made through a combination of surname and date of birth.

However, every so often HotDoc is unable to make an exact match. This will be due to one of the  following reasons:

  • The patient has provided incorrect information to HotDoc
  • Information in the practice database is incorrect 
  • The patient is actually a new patient

In the event that HotDoc is unable to make an exact match, it will attempt to make a partial match through surname or date of birth, but not both. If the patient has provided incorrect information, you will likely see a partial match in your sidebar and you can link the booking to the relevant patient file.

If the patient is new to the clinic you will see a notification in the HotDoc Sidebar that looks like this:

Instead of having to dismiss the booking due to no match, you can now treat the booking as a new patient and create a patient file for them.

If you require assistance with this, please contact HotDoc:

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