Cervical Screening Changes to make in HotDoc Dashboard



There are two things you need to update in the HotDoc Dashboard


1. Change your Online Bookings appointment type.


Dashboard > Bookings > Appointment Types > click 'Edit', update to 'Cervical Screen' and 'Save'


2. Update your Template wording for Recalls.


Dashboard > Recalls > Template Groups > Find your Pap Smear Template/s, and click the edit pencil icon.

Update the Template name with something like 'Cervical Screening',


And update the message - you can use the message below (or alter it to your practice preferences).


Our records show that you are now due for a cervical screening test. 

Cervical screening tests replaced pap smears from the 1st of December 2017. Cervical screening is just as safe and is more effective than having a Pap test every two years. 

You should still have a cervical screening test even if you have had the HPV or cervical cancer vaccine in the past.

Simply book a “Cervical screening” appointment using the link below or by calling the practice on the phone number above.

If you have had this service at another clinic, please let us know so we may update your records.

And save!

***That updated template will still recognise any 'Pap Smear' Recall/Reminder reasons you had already assigned in the past, however you may need to assign any 'New Reminder Types' when you had the new ''Cervical Screen' recall type in your patient files in the clinical record.
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