Delivery options for Repeat Prescription



You can decide if you wish to offer patients the option of having their prescription faxed to a pharmacy (under Settings in the HotDoc Practice Dashboard).




If you enable this feature, you’ll see the option to add pharmacies.




You can add as many pharmacies as you like.


Many practices have arrangements with nearby pharmacies who will bulk collect the physical prescriptions.

We only allow patients to pick from nominated pharmacies, to reduce the likelihood of incorrect fax numbers and other security issues.



Once a pharmacy has been added you can edit or delete it in future.




Patients will be presented with the fax delivery option for pharmacies you choose to add.




In your dashboard the pharmacy details will be shown in the order details page, so you’ll never be scratching around looking for the right number!




On approval, patients will receive a confirmation which includes the address of the pharmacy.




Other Improvements

  • Folks said that the text was too small for the ‘Notes’ field, so we’ve made it bigger
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