Can I stop an SMS from going out?


Yes, you can stop an SMS from going out in HotDoc.


  1. Log into the Dashboard, click Recalls, then click Activity


  1. Click on ALL in the Activity section under Recalls. To filter for the Recalls that are scheduled, filter by IN PROGRESS




Please see this Batch Action Article if you'd like to action multiple patients


For individual patient action continue below: 

  1. Click on the patient whose SMS you’d like to stop from going out. You will then have the following options: Mark as Done or Remind by Post





  • Mark as Done: Once you have clicked MARK AS DONE, the patient’s Recall sequence will stop and it will show as Done. *Note: The Recall will remain in the medical record - HotDoc will not remove that recall from the patient file.


  • Remind by post: Once you have clicked REMIND BY POST, you will then have the option to Download Letter. For instructions on how to Print Letters, please refer to step 3 here:
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