How to add messages to the Check-in screen

Adding messages to the Kiosk Check-in allows important information to be relayed to patients quickly and easily. 

With the ability to set a message for a Kiosk only or customise per Practitioner, there's plenty of options for displaying a required message.

To add in a message, access the Dashboard:

Select the Check-in tab > Check-in message.

A default message can be set for the Kiosk device that displays after every check in: 


Or a message can be set for a individual Practitioner, for example to advise there's a room change for the consult or a medical student will be accompanying today:


You can easily update any Practitioner's message and copy a message that has already been set for another Practitioner: 


When checking in, any set Check-in message, is show prior to the success check-in page for patients so they are aware any notifications or extra information for their appointment and can select they have read the message:



 If you require assistance with this, please contact HotDoc Support: 




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