How to set up HotDoc Repeats

Follow the steps below to set up HotDoc Repeats for your Clinic. 

1. Login to your HotDoc Dashboard via your web browser using this link (please do not launch the dashboard via the HotDoc Sidebar) and head to the Repeats Set up page by selecting Repeats > Setup:



2. The Clinic Name field is pre-populated with the name that displays on your HotDoc account.

The 'Contact Person' and notification email address options will be used as the best point of contact at the Clinic, for example the Practice Manager or Reception Team Leader. 

Please fill in the remainder of the details with the relevant information.


3. Scroll down to complete the settings for Referrals and then select 'Create my Clinic Account': 


4. After selecting 'create my Clinic Account,' the 'Connect with Stripe' button will activate and turn blue. Please click on it to connect your Stripe account.


5. Fill in the required details on the form that appears or if you already have an account, there is a button in the top right corner that will allow you to login:


6. At the bottom of the page, click to 'Authorize access to this Account.'


7. Once done, you will have set up the account with Stripe: 


If you require assistance with this, please contact HotDoc at






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