How to review Check-ins

To review patient check-ins via the Kiosk for appointments, head to the Dashboard here

Under the Check-in tab select > History.

This Check in History page will display statistics at the top to give an overview of the product. This includes total number of check-ins (last 30 days), total number of patient details that have been updated (last 30 days) and the % usage for the kiosk (last 30 days): 


Below this the Appointment Arrivals History displays a list of patients that have used the Kiosk to check in for their appointment. It displays the Appointment Time, Patient Name, Doctor and Outcome - this indicates if the check in has completed successfully or if the patient needs to visit the Reception team. If unsuccessful, you will see a reason in the Reason column. 

There is also a section to show Inform Promotion that displays if this is activated.

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