iPad Installation Guide



Step 1: Preparing the iPad


Change iPad Name to Clinic's Name




Turn Screen to Auto-Off


Settings>Display & Brightness>Auto-Lock>Select ‘Never’


Turn Passcode Off


Settings>Touch ID & Passcode>Turn Passcode Off


Deactivate All Notifications


Settings>Notifications>Turn off notifications for each App


Location services On


Settings>Privacy>Location Service>On


Set Brightness


Settings>Display & Brightness> Adjust the level


Disable the control centre


Settings>Control Centre> Turn off for ‘Apps’ and ‘Lock Screen’


Disable siri








Step 2: Downloading the HotDoc Software


  1. Open the web browser (safari) and go to m.meraki.com
  2. Enter your Network ID: 085-017-5470
  3. Press register
  4. In the profile that appears, press 'install', then 'install' again to confirm
  5. Press 'Trust' on next push notificaion
  6. Sign in with Apple ID
  7. Press 'Install'


This should auto install the app.


Step 3: Switch on Guided Access


This only lets you use one app


Settings>General>Accessibility>Guided Access ‘On’


Click on App & Enter login details

If you require assistance with this, please contact HotDoc at support@hotdoc.com.au

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