Ipad Installation Guide



Step 1: Preparing the iPad


Turn Screen to Auto-Off


Settings>Auto-Lock>Select ‘Never’


Turn Passcode Off


Setting>Passcode>Turn Passcode Off


Deactivate All Notifications


Settings>Notifications>Turn off notifications for each App


Location services On


Settings>Privacy>Location Service>On


Set Brightness


Settings>Display & Brightness> Adjust the level


Disable the control centre


Settings>Control Centre> Turn of for ‘Apps’ and ‘Lock Screen’


Disable siri








Step 2: Downloading the HotDoc Software


  1. Open the web browser (safari) and go to m.meraki.com
  2. Enter your Network ID: 085-017-5470
  3. Press register
  4. In the profile that appears, press 'install', then 'install' again to confirm


This should auto install the app.


Step 3: Switch on Guided Access


This only lets you use one app


Settings>General>Accessibility>Guided Access ‘On’


Click on App & Enter login details

If you require assistance with this, please contact HotDoc at support@hotdoc.com.au

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