How to update Kiosk settings in the Dashboard

Within the HotDoc dashboard you're able to re-name your Kiosk, review privacy and obfuscation settings and update the time frame patients are able to check in before and after the appointment start time. 

Access the Setup page from the Dashboard by selecting 'Check-in' > 'Settings':


From here you can select to update settings regarding 'Appointment Types', 'Check In Messages' and 'Devices'. To change any specific device settings, please select 'Devices':


The Check in Setup page will display with a 'Device' name, the privacy and obfuscation settings and a set time frame for check in before and after the appointment time. If your site has multiple devices, it will show here e.g Kiosk or Smartphone check in options.

To rename your Kiosk, select the edit 'pen' icon next to the Device name:


You can then type the name you would like to assign the Kiosk. If you have two Kiosks at your Clinic, it's advisable to differentiate by location, such as 'Front Desk Kiosk' or 'Kiosk 2.' 

After naming the Kiosk, select the green 'tick' button to save the name changes:


Privacy and Obfuscation settings can also be changed from here. For further information on this feature please read Obfuscation Settings - Protecting your Patients' Privacy.

Changing the time frame patients are able to check is also from this screen. Enter the preferred time frame into the boxes on the right hand side and select the green 'Save' button: 



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