How to create an Inform Broadcast SMS

To create an Inform Broadcast SMS please follow these steps:


  1. Login to the HotDoc Dashboard at using your HotDoc login.

  2. Click on the Broadcast icon to the left of the screen: 


  3. Click on the Broadcasts icon:


  4. Select either to Create New Broadcast button or click the Single SMS button to send a single SMS. Alternatively, you can select a template that you would like to edit from our Broadcast Templates below.

  5. Enter the title and message you would like to send out to your patients in the appropriate fields. Under the message box, you will see how many credits each message will use. One credit is equivalent to one SMS containing up to 160 characters.

  6. If you would like to insert a placeholder (such as the patient’s name) you can do this by clicking on the Insert Placeholder drop-down menu.By selecting an option from the list, it will be inserted into the message automatically for you. 

  7. Enter the filters you would like to apply to your broadcast in the “Who are you sending to?” section. For more information on how our Broadcast filters work please click here.

  8. You will see an estimate of the number of credits that will be used by your Broadcast SMS in the bottom left of your screen

  9. Once you have set up your message click the Review button in the bottom right of your screen to see a final preview of your message: 

  10. On the review screen you will see a summary of your message and an estimate of the number of credits you will use. You can also send a demo of the message to your phone by entering your mobile number and clicking on the Send demo button: 

  11. Once you are happy with your message click on Send Broadcast:


Please note: Broadcast SMSs will not send if there are no recipients or you do not have enough credits to send all of the messages. If you do not have enough credits you can request a top up via the Request Top Up button in the top right corner of your screen.

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