HotDoc Inform Broadcast Filters

With HotDoc Inform Broadcast filters, you can choose to target your message to the most relevant patients only. For an explanation of each of the filters you can set on your Broadcast SMS please see the list below:

Birthdate of audience: This filters your broadcast message by your patients’ dates of birth. The dates that you enter in here will be inclusive i.e. if you enter dates between 01/01/2001 and 03/01/2001, patients born on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of January 2001 will be included in the recipient list.

Gender: Place a tick in the box of the gender that you would like to receive the broadcast.

Send to patients regardless of opt out status in your Practice Management System: In your patients’ files in your Practice Management System there will be an opt out/ in section for SMS messages. If you tick this option, your broadcast message will ignore the opt out status marked in your patients’ files and send the SMS to them regardless.

Please note: If you leave any of these filters blank they will be ignored i.e. if no last doctor is selected then all doctors’ patients will be included.

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