What is HotDoc Repeats?

HotDoc Repeats is an easy to use online system that provides patients with repeat prescriptions for regular medications or referrals for regularly attended Specialist appointments.

With a simple step by step set up in your HotDoc Dashboard, it’s effortless to provide an online solution for patients to request and collect repeats.

Patients select the repeat they require, read and consent to your Clinic’s terms, input their details, regular Practitioner, request and select their delivery method. After paying with Stripe, a secure platform that processes payments, the patient receives an email to confirm their repeat request has been sent to the clinic to approve.

Your Clinic will receive an email to a nominated inbox, to alert of a new repeat request. A link in the email will prompt you to view the repeat request on the Dashboard. All repeat requests can be accepted or rejected, where appropriate. 

If you would like to learn more about an efficient system for your Clinic to process patient repeat requests, please contact our Team via: customersuccess@hotdoc.com.au or 1300 486 362.



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